SNUGGED was created in 2020 to stand alone as the worlds first carbon negative recruitment agency.

Passionate about sustainability, we work with organisations who care about the environment, providing them with
permanent and temporary staff who can help them help the environments they operate in.

As part of our carbon negative promise, we plant trees for every placement we make.


To create the most enhanced candidate experience, enabling individuals to find their true purpose in the world of work.
In turn ensuring our client base receives only the most suitable candidates, relevant to their culture and skill

Absolute excellence in clarity, transparency, sustainability, social responsibility and ethical standards.

The word snugged perfectly sums up the feeling we want to create when placing candidates into their jobs. We look
forward to you joining us on our journey to perfect recruitment, without prejudice, with genuine care for the candidate
and with pride in all our interactions.

We hope that some day we will help you to get SNUGGED and find your true place in the world of work.

“SNUGGED – Warm, Comfortable and Protected”

“We stand behind our values
In all our interactions
Every time


Sustainable. Be green, be lean, place candidates for the long term.


Noticed. Stand out from our competition to find the candidates no-one else can.


Understood. Clarity and transparency in all that we do.


Genius. Take pride in our ideas, always finding new ways to challenge the status quo.


Genuine. Honesty is paramount, from marketing right through to job offers.


Ethical. Priding ourselves on doing things how they’re meant to be done.


Driven. Pushing ourselves, our content and our profession forward.

Finding the right people

Needs Assessment

Getting it right first time saves money. Before searching, we ask you exactly what you want and assess your needs. We talk to you about the challenges in the region and the sector, providing quality advice on the best approach. We then work to a strict formula to deliver a timely shortlist of relevant and candidates.


At the click of a button, our consultants can check the availability of any skills and experience you require. The business intelligence we have coupled with the resources we have available, allow us to provide the most suitable candidates.


All our consultants are fully conversant in multiple interview techniques and will prepare the candidate for any eventuality. Whether it’s a more traditional skills based approach or a competency-based interview, we ensure the candidate delivers to the best of their ability.

Marketing Your Vacancy

Working with some of the Europe’s biggest job marketers as well as more specialist job boards relevant to your sector, we write impactful, attractive, and search engine optimised adverts for your future employees to see. We also maintain a strong social media presence, using a truly multichannel approach to candidate attraction.


We will qualify the candidates using predetermined and thorough questioning that gets to the heart of their suitability. Ensuring only the most capable, well qualified and culturally aligned candidates make their way to your inbox.

Offer Management

Crucial to a successful appointment and at times sensitive. Why put yourself through the difficultly of balancing the needs of the budget with the desires of the candidate? With experience of thousands of offers we are well placed to be in the middle to ensure a positive resolution for both sides.

Join us!

Help your future employees find that SNUGGED feeling.

Knowing it’s the perfect fit for you and them.